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changes to the PDF manuscripts are accepted. Accordingly, there likely will be differences between the MCB Accepts man- uscripts and the final, typeset articles. The manuscripts remain listed on the MCB Accepts page until the final, typeset articles are posted. At that point, the manuscripts are removed from the MCB Accepts page. The manuscripts are under subscrip- tion access control until 6 months after the typeset articles are posted, when free access is provided to everyone (subject to the applicable ASM license terms and conditions). Supplemental material intended, and accepted, for publication is not posted until publication of the final, typeset article. The ASM embargo policy allows a press release to be issued as soon as the accepted manuscript is posted on the MCB Ac- cepts page. To be notified as soon as your manuscript is posted, please sign up for e-Alerts at Instructions on how to cite such manuscripts may be found in "References." Page Proofs Page proofs, together with a query sheet and instructions for handling proofs, will be made available to the corresponding author electronically. Queries must be answered on the query page, and any changes related to the queries, as well as any additional changes, must be indicated on the proofs. Note that the copy editor does not query at every instance where a change has been made. Queries are written only to request necessary information or clarification of an unclear passage or to draw attention to edits that may have altered the sense. It is the author's responsibility to read the entire text, tables, and figure legends, not just items queried. Corrected proofs must be returned within two business days after notification of availability. The proof stage is not the time to make extensive correc- tions, additions, or deletions. Figures as they appear in the proofs are for validation of content and placement, not quality of reproduction or color accuracy. Print output of figures in the PDF page proofs will be of lower quality than the same figures viewed on a monitor. Please avoid making changes to figures based on quality of color or reproduction in proof. Important new information that has become available be- tween acceptance of the manuscript and receipt of the proofs may be inserted as an addendum in proof with the permission of the editor. If references to unpublished data or personal communications are added, it is expected that written assur- ance granting permission for the citation will be included. Limit changes to correction of spelling errors, incorrect data, and grammatical errors and updated information for refer- ences to articles that have been submitted or are in press. If URLs have been provided in the article, recheck the sites to ensure that the addresses are still accurate and the material that you expect the reader to find is indeed there. Questions about proofs should be directed to the ASM Jour- nals Department (e-mail,; telephone, 202-942-9214). PDF Files The corresponding author will have limited access (10 down- loads, total) to the PDF file of his/her published article. An e-mail alert will automatically be sent to him/her on the day the issue is posted. It will provide a URL, which will be required to obtain access, and instructions. An article may be viewed, printed, or stored, provided that it is for the author's own use. Should coauthors or colleagues be interested in viewing the paper for their own use, the corresponding author may provide them with the URL; a copy of the article may not be forwarded electronically. However, they must be made aware of the terms and conditions of the ASM copyright. (For details, go to http: // Note that each such download will count toward the corresponding au- thor's total of 10. After 10 downloads, access will be denied and can be obtained only through a subscription to the journal (either individual or institutional) or after the standard access control has been lifted (i.e., 6 months after publication). Funding Agency Repositories The National Institutes of Health (NIH) requests that its grantee and intramural authors provide copies of their accepted manuscripts to PubMed Central (PMC) for posting in the PMC Public Access Repository. MCB authors are automatically in com- pliance with this policy and need take no action themselves. For the past several years, ASM has deposited in PubMed Central all publications from all ASM journals. Further, ASM policy is that all primary-research articles are made available to everyone, free, 6 months after publication through PubMed Central, HighWire, and international PubMed Central-like repositories. By having initiated these policies, ASM is in full compliance with NIH pol- icy. For more information, see ASM also allows MCB authors whose work was supported by funding agencies that have public access requirements like those of the NIH (e.g., the Wellcome Trust) to post their ac- cepted manuscripts in publicly accessible electronic reposito- ries maintained by those funding agencies. If a funding agency does not itself maintain such a site, then ASM allows the author to fulfill that requirement by depositing the manuscript (not the typeset article) in an appropriate institutional or subject- based open repository established by a government or non- commercial entity. Since ASM makes the final, typeset articles from its primary- research journals available free of charge on the ASM Journals and PMC websites 6 months after final publication, ASM requests that when submitting the accepted manuscript to PMC or a similar public access site, the author specify that the posting release date for the manuscript be no earlier than 6 months after publica- tion of the typeset article by ASM and that a link to the pub- lished manuscript on the journal website be provided. Publication Fees APCs. Authors who choose open access will be assessed an article processing charge (APC). For a corresponding author who is an active member of ASM at the Contributing or Pre- mium level, the APC is $2,250 (subject to change without no- tice). For a nonmember or Supporting member correspond- ing author, the APC is $3,000 (subject to change without notice). Nonmember corresponding authors or Supporting members may join ASM and renew or upgrade membership Instructions to Authors July 2017, Instructions to Authors 7 Molecular and Cellular Biology

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